GigaTV now including Netflix - and available for everyone

GigaTV now including Netflix – and available for everyone

GigaTV now including Netflix – and available for everyone

GigaTV including Netflix is now available. So you can enjoy the full program on one platform. The brand new offer is valid throughout Germany, including existing Netflix customers.

This allows you to enjoy a large variety of channels in HD at home and on the go, you have access to the largest selection of media libraries in Germany and you can also stream your favorite films and series via Netflix. Curious? We’ll show you what’s in GigaTV including Netflix.

GigaTV now including Netflix - and available for everyone

The full program on one platform

GigaTV and Netflix are unbeatable together, because you can easily find your favorite content on a single platform. A total of 120 TV channels are available to you via GigaTV, 54 of which are in brilliant HD. You also have access to the largest selection of media centers in Germany if you miss a program and can watch it wherever you want. Namely via a multi-room extension on other TV sets in your household or on the go on your smartphone or tablet with the GigaTV Mobile app. And you also get a standard Netflix subscription. This allows you to stream films, series and documentaries in HD quality at any time – and completely ad-free. With Netflix Standard you can stream and download your favorite content on two devices at the same time.

Incidentally, you can get the Netflix Premium subscription for an additional 5 euros per month. You can even stream or download Netflix on up to four devices at the same time and enjoy it in Ultra HD resolution!

GigaTV including Netflix for everyone

Already have a Netflix account? No problem. You can simply link your existing Netflix account to the new GigaTV including Netflix tariff and keep your Netflix favorites list and other personal settings.

Do you have a TV cable connection from Vodafone? Then you get the GigaTV Cable Box 2. Don’t have a cable TV connection? Then the GigaTV Net Box is used. Regardless of the type of connection you have, you can bring the full GigaTV program, including Netflix, to your smartphone or tablet with the GigaTV Mobile app both at home and on the go. Not only do you have Netflix at your fingertips, you also have all the popular TV channels and media library content.

Squid game, barbarians and more: That’s what awaits you on GigaTV including Netflix

“ Squid Game ” is the series highlight of the past year. With over 142 million streaming views within the first four weeks, the South Korean drama series has had the most successful series launch of all time on Netflix. The nine episodes of the first season are so gripping that they almost fly by, but definitely not for the faint of heart. With GigaTV including Netflix, you can watch this great production anytime and as often as you like.

In „BarbarenIt’s about the historic battle between Romans and Germans in the Teutoburg Forest. In the year 9 AD, the Romans invade areas of Germania. At first they have an easy time, because the Germanic tribes are enemies of each other and therefore cannot defend themselves against the Roman soldiers. When the Cheruscan prince’s daughter Thusnelda (Jeanne Goursaud) and her secret lover Folkwin Wolfspeer (David Schütter) sneak into the Roman camp under the cover of night darkness, steal the symbolic standard and then publicly humiliate the Romans, the Romans, who is of Germanic origin himself, are supposed to be the Officer Arminius (Laurence Rupp) put the rebellious Germans in their place.second season is in production.

Other Netflix originals such as ” The Crown “, the fifth season of which has already been announced for this year, are of course included, as are the linear TV programs and Germany’s largest media library selection. You can also easily book Pay TV channels.

This is how you can book GigaTV including Netflix

GigaTV including Netflix has been available to you since November 2nd. It only costs EUR 19.99 per month for the first six months, and EUR 25.99 thereafter. This gives you the best entertainment experience conveniently on one platform. Ideal for you if you want to enjoy both linear TV and streaming content. Want to get started right away? Then get the full program at .

What are your current favorite films and series on GigaTV and Netflix? Tell us in the comments.

GigaTV now including Netflix – and available for everyone
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