Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos hands over to Andy Jassy

The god of business Jeff Bezos resigns as Amazon CEO

The god of business Jeff Bezos resigns as Amazon CEO

“You want the rich and not the same.” Collection of contemporary “god of management” and “inhuman accustomed to the boss” in one of the world’s richest people first – Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – The “Handover Plan” was officially announced on the evening of the 2nd. After this summer, Bezos will step down as the CEO of the group and select Andy Jassy, ​​who is responsible for the cloud business, Amazon Web Services (AWS), as his successor.

Bezos emphasized that his transfer of authority “is not about retirement,” but that he should devote more energy to climate change initiatives, his private space company Blue Origin, and the Washington Post. However, the relevant declaration has been under siege from U.S. political circles and online public opinion. Amazon, which has made a fortune with the global epidemic, is currently under separate antitrust investigations by the U.S. federal government and the European Union for “monopolistic anti-competitive behavior.” Amazon’s “union war” in various districts that squeezed the grassroots and persecuted labor rights has also made Bezos, who has reached the peak of his career, become a “devil boss” that all parties respect and hate.

The god of business Jeff Bezos resigns as Amazon CEO

Bezos said that in the future, he will focus on the group’s “Innovation and Adventure Initiative” and reserve decision-making energy for other private investments-such as Blue Origin, a space company with the purpose of “moon landing development”, and The Washington Post has bucked the trend and expanded its global news layout. (Reuters)

“Promoted” to become Group Executive Chairman

Bezos’s succession time is preset to be Q3 after the summer. At 52 years old is in his prime, Jassy, ​​who was originally recognized as Bezos’ successor, will become the next-generation CEO of the group; Bezos himself ” “Promotion” becomes the executive chairman of the group. Although he will still participate in major decision-making, the daily decision-making management will be left to Jassi’s full power.

After the relevant news came out, the international media all paid great attention. Because Bezos, whose personal value is as high as US$196.2 billion, is currently the world’s richest human being (Tesla’s Musk briefly “used” the throne in January 2021 due to the skyrocketing stock price, but by February Bezos had overtaken again. ); Its Amazon Group, which integrates e-commerce, logistics, and Internet services, has made a fortune due to the new crown epidemic. Not only did its annual interest rate soar by more than 50%, but its single-quarter revenue in Q4 of 2020 also set a peak record The US$125.5 billion of the world’s most powerful “e-commerce giant” leader. Therefore, Bezos’s life development and the group’s high-level personnel trends will be highly regarded by all walks of life.

“This journey started 27 years ago. At that time, Amazon was just such a vague concept and had no reputation at all. At that time, the question I was most often asked was “So what the hell is the Internet? Something?” Fortunately, I don’t have to answer this question for a long time.”

The god of business Jeff Bezos resigns as Amazon CEO

Amazon founder Bezos (pictured on the left) officially announced the “Handover Plan” on the evening of the 2nd. The picture on the right shows the famous villain in the Superman comic series: LEX LUTHOR, who is also the most frequently compared character of Bezos by Internet memes. Not only is his appearance similar, his career ambitions and ambitions are also similar. (Adapted from Twitter, DC Database)

Bezos said in the “Notice Letter to All Employees”: Today Amazon has not only become the e-commerce leader in the Internet age, but it has more than 1.3 million employees and an extremely large and complex business empire, which is quite remarkable. Business achievements. However, since the scale of the company has expanded to this point, he alone is not enough to cope with the daily high-pressure decision-making. Therefore, after two years of layout and handover, he decided to hand over the position of CEO to Jiaxi, the love general. “Innovation and Adventure Initiative”, and reserved decision-making energy for other private investments-such as the space company Blue Origin with the purpose of “moon landing development”, and the Washington Post, which is currently expanding its global news layout against the trend.

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The god of business Jeff Bezos resigns as Amazon CEO
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