Hugh Jackman's Wolverine finally in the MCU ?!

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine finally in the MCU ?!

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine finally in the MCU ?! Hugh Jackman and Kevin Feige raise the hopes of Marvel fans

Millions of comic fans (including Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds) continue to hope for a great Marvel comeback of the X-Men actor Hugh Jackman in his star role as the mutant hero Wolverine – so far in vain. But now actor Hugh Jackman himself gives hope. Have MCU mastermind Kevin Feige and Jackman already agreed ?! Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

Not more than a wish from the Marvel fan base so far, but now more than that? Not only Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has been expressing the desire to marvel at Hugh Jackman one more time with extended adamantium claws on the big screen for a long time. The Australian actor is hardly interwoven like any other with his iconic comic role, which he played for almost 20 years. There have been three Spider-Man actors to date, and there have been six in Batman! The X-Men mutant Logan (Wolverine), on the other hand, was played only by Jackman – at that time still under the label of the film company 21st Century Fox.

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine finally in the MCU ?!

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine finally in the MCU ?!

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine finally in the MCU ?!

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine finally in the MCU ?!

On the big screen, the story of Wolverine was actually declared over with the comic hit “Logan” by James Mangold ( Le Mans 66 – Against Any Chance, Walk the Line ), which was published in 2017. Since March 2019, the rights to the Marvel mutants belong again to the Marvel house. So the cards are being reshuffled. It is crystal clear that the X-Men will move into the MCU in the future, but now there are even hopes that Hugh Jackman himself will celebrate a big comeback – certainly much to the delight of the fans (including Ryan Reynolds).

Hugh Jackman posted two stories on Instagram that, if separated from each other, would only fuel a little speculation, but together look almost like a statement from Jackman. The first story focuses on Wolverine’s famous Adamantium Claws. In the second, which is far more exciting, Hugh Jackman presents himself alongside MCU mastermind Kevin Feige!

Not the first clue from Jackman?

At the moment these are all speculations, of course, but it should also be noted that this is not the first time that Jackman has given hopes of a possible Wolverine comeback.

In 2017, Jackman announced he would take on the role of the Marvel superhero one more time, but only if the mutant family joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At that time, an appearance on the side of the Avengers was still very unlikely, but today it is actually within reach. At SDC 2019 (San Diego Comic-Con), Kevin Feige confirmed that the X-Men will stir up the MCU in the near future.

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine finally in the MCU ?!

A masterful conclusion: “Logan” is rightly one of the most popular comic book adaptations of the last few years due to its melancholy and dark presentation and the many great characters.
Source: Fox

In addition, it was announced in the same breath that Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds was allowed to continue the role of the cheeky antihero under the family-friendly Disney umbrella with an R rating. A joint appearance by the two friends within the MCU would be a dream for Marvel and comic fans worldwide. Before the takeover, there were already plans for a road trip for the two comic book characters.

What do you think of the advice from Jackman? And how would you imagine Logan’s first appearance alongside established MCU characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers? Write us your ideas and opinions in the comments. We’d definitely love to see Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman together in their star roles in the MCU universe.


Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine finally in the MCU ?!
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