Trump faces a higher chance of civil compensation than jail

Trump Faces a Higher Chance of Civil Compensation than Jail

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The new president will take office on January 20 next year. After his resignation, Trump no longer has presidential immunity as an umbrella. The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) analyzed that although Trump is afraid of imprisonment for certain business transactions, the probability of facing civil compensation is actually higher than that of jail. The financial records and other privacy that have been exposed to judicial proceedings are more likely to embarrass Trump.

So far, all the lawsuits Trump has faced have come from his hometown of New York. In the major cases where the New York prosecutors sharpened their swords, Trump may use the last few weeks of his term to try to get out of his body.

Trump Faces a Higher Chance of Civil Compensation than Jail

Trump Faces a Higher Chance of Civil Compensation than Jail

The Manhattan District Attorney investigates the case

The District Attorney of New York County (Cyrus Vance Jr.) is investigating whether Trump and the Trump Organization paid Trump’s “hush money” to Trump scandals for violations of state law and demanded the past. Eight years of Trump’s personal income tax return records and Trump Group tax returns.

Court records show that the focus of France’s investigation is whether the Trump Group is involved in large-scale criminal crimes, such as the Trump family business involving insurance fraud, tax fraud, and falsifying business records that are felonies. Falsification of business records faces up to one year in prison, fines, and suspended sentences.

According to the analysis of the National Broadcasting Corporation, if the Trump Group’s emergency appeal is rejected by the Supreme Court, Fans will soon be able to obtain information on the Mazars accounting firm that handles tax affairs for the Trump Group. This case is a criminal investigation closely related to Trump. If the court finds guilty, the legal consequences for Trump may be a huge fine.

Legal counsel, Danny Cevallos, pointed out that Vance’s prosecution strategy maybe “pick the softest persimmon”, that is, charges of tax evasion and forgery of business records. He said that according to New York State law if the defendant is found by the court to have “intent to defraud,” he may be convicted of the second-degree crime of forging business records.

Trump Faces a Higher Chance of Civil Compensation than Jail

Take Trump to Jail (People)

New York State Attorney General Letitia James leads the investigation

Zhan Lexia is investigating four real estate transaction cases of the Trump Group and Trump’s attempt to obtain low-interest loans to acquire the professional American football league NFL Buffalo Bills (Buffalo Bills). Although these cases are all civil investigations, the attorney general’s office can forward the evidence obtained from the investigation to the regional prosecutors including Fans at any time.

Female victims accused of Trump’s sexual assault

Trump was accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault by many women. In one of the lawsuits that may cause serious follow-up effects, Trump used the Department of Justice to intervene.

In a book published in 2019, New York columnist E. Jean Carroll accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in 1990. Carroll filed a complaint in November last year, but Trump refuted her new book as a “fiction novel.” Carroll later sued Trump for defamation. After Trump resigns, he will restore his ordinary civilian status and must comply with the court’s requirements to provide testimony and DNA samples.

Summer Zervos, a contestant who participated in Trump’s production and hosting of the reality show “Who is the successor” (The Apprentice), filed a lawsuit with the court in 2017, accusing Trump of assaulting her. Strong kiss. Although Trump said he was willing to appear in court to defend himself, the Trump lawyers have resorted to delaying tactics. The New York State Court of Appeals may rule on Trump’s appearance in 2021.

Trump Faces a Higher Chance of Civil Compensation than Jail
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